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Manakeep 728x90
(Jan 25, 2013)
Happy birthday Star!
(Jan 11, 2013)
Finally come out of sickness and my desktop needs a new motherboard. GG life gg.
(Jan 10, 2013)
HaHa. She won't let him play WoW.
(Jan 09, 2013)
Gratz Antimatter!! The question for the Groom-to-be: DPS, Tank, or Healz? :D
(Jan 08, 2013)
Youngest Daughter getting married. I suggested this for RSVP Cards:
(Jan 02, 2013)
Hope you feel better Fluff!
(Jan 01, 2013)
Woot! Happy New Year indeed. Hope ya feel better Fluff!
(Dec 31, 2012)
Happy new year!
(Dec 31, 2012)
sorry about the sudden absence ive been ver sick lately and havent felt like playing any game =(
(Dec 31, 2012)
Everyone be safe tonight!
(Dec 24, 2012)
Yay! Welcome back :)
(Dec 23, 2012)
I'm back! Hawaii was awesome! Congrats to the team on downing the Stone Dogs (Lions? lol) looking forward to catching back up. I'll be on tonight!
(Dec 17, 2012)
(Dec 17, 2012)
Feng down!
(Dec 16, 2012)
Grats all on downing guardians!
(Dec 16, 2012)
Great job getting the stone guardians down tonight!
(Dec 12, 2012)
you don't enter a password at the same time that you are entering the server info, but after you've attempted to connect
(Dec 12, 2012)
yes, but unlike vent...
(Dec 12, 2012)
yes, but unlike vent...